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Automation System Integrators: Technology Developers

RAMP's goal is to be a technical resource for their customers. As a "Technology Developer" they become an integral part of their success in the marketplace. Using a power business approach, they have become the trusted source for providing operational stability, peak production system performance and product reliability. 

RAMP offers automation services and solutions with longevity in mind. From the Total Cost of Ownership, to maintenance, support and project life cycle, their focus is to create automation that can be delivered optimally and that creates instant value and high return on investment for their customers. 

RAMP services include:


  • Design & Build

  • Project Management

  • Technical Services 

  • Commissioning

RAMP's core competencies include:

  • Minimizing/mitigating risk

  • Factory automation systems and robot integration

  • Business case understanding and comprehensive project requirements

  • Innovative design solutions and simplicity in maintenance and support

  • Ability to execute and implement

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Data acquisition and reporting (SCADA)

  • A deep understanding of advanced manufacturing

  • Diverse industry experience

  • Scalable project leadership and management

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