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ATEQ - Industrial Testing Solutions
When you think Leak Testing - think ATEQ

ATEQ  is the leading global manufacturer of fast and accurate industrial leak and flow testing equipment used for non-destructive quality testing in a variety of industries. Their leak testers ensure the integrity of manufactured products.  

Their advantages over other leak testing manufacturers are: 


      ATEQ leak testers are designed with a small internal volume high quality materials and patented valves and transducers to reduce test                cycle time. 



      Each type of instrument produces reliable and repeatable test results. 

Global Presence
   ATEQ is a global company with more than 40 locations world wide to provide superior services with fast lead times, turnaround and customer
   support. They offer around the world support to provide exceptional support, repair, calibration services and training. 

ATEQ provides leak testing instruments to all manufacturing industries including:

  • Medial

  • Automotive

  • Packaging

  • Appliances

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Batteries

  • E-Mobility



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