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Kubes Steel
Where Metal Takes Shape

With 40+ years experience in the industry, Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for Rolling, Bending and Custom Fabrication. Their specialty is Custom Fabrication Projects that have Rolling and Bending requirements with complex steel bending and multiple bends and tight radii. 

expertise is Structural Steel Section Rolling & Bending, Steel Plate Rolling & Bending, Pipe Rolling & Bending, Aluminum Bending, Complex Fabrication & EOM Components, Induction Bending, Custom Steel Fabrication, Heavy Industrial Fabricating, Steel Infrastructure, and Steel Bending. 

Kubes Steel also offers the following fabrication services: 

  • Custom Steel Fabrication

  • AESS Fabricating 

  • Large Scale Industrial Fabrication

  • CNC Machining in the medium to heavy range 

  • Made-to-Order Plasma Cutting

  • Wear Plates & Small Pipe Fabricating and Assembly


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